"Don't forget your change..." 
There's an unexpected item in the bagging area. One man must beat the clock to save the shop when a rogue self-checkout machine threatens everything.

Named after a popular action movie actor (and maybe the design as well... the hairstyle at least!) I wanted to experiment with the look of simple shapes combined with realistic textures that I created using substance painter. 
His face is made up of different pieces of geometry that work together with constraint nodes, I modelled and rigged him using Autodesk Maya. 
I decided to keep Bruce's character design simple and functional by only giving him a top half and huge expressive eyes, I also gave him big old hands to make sure he could hold the can of stuff just fine. 

Created by Samuel Elphick

Checkout machine by Harry Randall

Sound design by Kipras Varaneckas

Making of video music by Ethan Edwards


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